Pending Laws

Introduction to Pending Tethering Bill for 2019

Below you will find a link to HB200 a pending Bill whose purpose is to Improve Conditions for Tethered Dogs.

You may ask why is the Bill just trying to just improve conditions?  Why are they not trying to outlaw tethering completely?  Because Hawaii has failed to pass any laws to improve conditions for tethered dogs for many years. Therefore if Bills are only introduced to completely outlaw tethering it would be a long, long time before anything at all is passed to improve conditions for our chained, four-legged friends.  That is why we need to start somewhere and getting a law passed to improve conditions is a good start.

Currently there is absolutely NOTHING- that’s right NOTHING, not one law that prevents people from chaining their dogs in any cruel, horrible manner imaginable except the dog cannot be chained wearing a choke or spiked collar.  Sadly there are literally thousands of chained dogs statewide.  Each living as a prisoner.  And many chained dogs live in their bodily filth with little or no medical care and often barely given food, water or shelter from the blazing hot sun or pouring rain.

As soon as this bill is assigned a committee, we will provide an email for you to submit testimony.