Who We Are

image2We are a VOICE for abused dogs.

We speak for them because dogs cannot communicate in human language.

We speak for them because as socially dependent, “pack” animals they cannot make themselves understood to the humans they see as their “pack leader,” the one upon whom they are dependent for food, water, shelter, exercise, social interaction and love.

We speak for them because the human who owns them doesn’t understand their language of wagging tails, sloppy grins and friendly woofs. This is “dog speak” for I need your love and attention.

We speak for dogs who so desperately need their human to understand they need to be considered a member of the family, and treated with love, respect and patience.

We speak for them because they cannot tell their human how hurtful it is to be isolated from the rest of the pack, their human family, and forced to endure a life of isolation, waiting with growing hopelessness for attention and affection and finally giving in to stress and anxiety.

We speak for those who are chained in small, uncomfortable, unsanitary places and forced to endure weeks, months or even longer of lying in their own feces and urine until they develop sores and diseases, all the while wondering why they cannot be included in the family they so desperately depend upon.

We speak for the dogs who are only rewarded when they act aggressively and are punished when they want to show affection or playfulness.

We speak for the dogs who have been taught through constant chaining and crating that any stranger is a threat, regardless of age and should be attacked.

We speak for the dogs who have had to be euthanized because they mistook a keiki’s curiosity, or a delivery person’s presence, as a threat and severely injured or even killed them.

We speak for dogs whose owners think chaining or keeping them in crates is the only way to train a dog to guard their property.

We are speaking for the dogs who do not deserve the abuse of being constantly chained or confined to crates.

We are speaking to the dog owners who abuse their dogs because the way you treat your dogs is possibly a direct reflection of the way you treat others.

We are asking that you join us and become a voice for the welfare of a dog, either your own, or one(s) you know are being abused.

Who we are is YOU!